France remained an agricultural nation long after the Industrial Revolution began in other parts of Europe. And even today, livestock and dairy are integral parts of the French national character. Among the many pasture dogs developed by French shepherds over the centuries, the Berger Picard (bare ZHAY pee CARR) might be the oldest.

Care and Health

Their double coat consists of a soft, dense undercoat for insulation covered by a shaggy, wiry, waterproof topcoat. During shedding season, brushing every day or two with a rake and a slicker brush will remove the dead hair before it ends up on the floor and furniture. The rest of the year, a Picard only needs to be brushed once a month. The breed should be bathed only occasionally, and shampoos formulated for crisp coats are recommended. As with all breeds, the Picard’s nails should be trimmed regularly.

Fun Fact

The breed’s visibility was boosted when a Berger Picard played the title role in the 2005 movie “Because of Winn Dixie.”

Good For

The Berger Picard is an ideal companion for athletic owners.


Loyal, Good-natured and observant.


Size medium, medium Fur, sheds a lot, high energy.

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