One of only a very few dog breeds to be descended from native North American breeds, the Chesador is a tried and true sporting dog with a muscular frame, quick wit, and excellent instincts. With both of their Retriever parents long appreciated for their unfailing health and hardworking personalities, bringing a Chesador into your life means you’ve made a friend for life.

Care and Health

The Chesador will shed year-round, but never in abundance. Their short to medium, moderately thick coats should be brushed at least once a week to keep your Chesador looking its best. To keep your dog as happy and healthy as possible, it’s also recommended to brush their teeth at least weekly, and trim their nails about once a month. Coming from two generally healthy breeds, the Chesador enjoys a hardy constitution.

Fun Fact

They are internationally renowned for their skills as duck hunting dogs, and they excel at agility training and stamina competitions as well.

Good For

Hunting and Family dog


Happy, Intelligent, Protective, Affectionate, Hardworking


Size large, medium Fur, sheds medium, high energy.

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