Corgidor Mix
Corgidor Mix
Corgidor Mix


The Corgidor is a cross between two favorites; the Welsh Corgi and the Labrador Retriever and is recognized by the Dog Registry of America. The Corgidor is a dutiful watchdog and family protector who doubles as a fantastic family companion.

Care and Health

Considering the parent breeds, the Corgidor is a high shedding hybrid. However, the dense coat catches the dead and loose hair and will need weekly brushing to remove it. When you brush his coat, also check the Corgidor’s ears and remove any dirt, wax, or debris with a veterinarian approved cleaning solution to prevent ear infections. It is also important to brush your Corgidor’s teeth regularly to prevent gum and tooth disease. The Corgidor’s toe nails are strong and grow fast. If they are not naturally kept short due to contact with harder ground surfaces, you will need to clip them every two to three weeks to prevent splitting and overgrowth. There are no known major health issues with this breed as of now.

Fun Fact

A Corgidor is extremely loyal to the family, and an alert dog. It is known to bark at anything suspicious, thereby making a good watchdog.

Good For

Companion and watchdog


loving, social, loyal, alert, and friendly.


Size medium, medium Fur, sheds a lot, high energy.

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