English Cream Golden Retriever
English Cream Golden Retriever
English Cream Golden Retriever


English Cream Golden Retrievers Were First Bred in Scotland. First seen in Scotland, the English Cream Golden Retriever was bred somewhere between 1854 and 1894. Around 1868, Baron Tweedmouth of Guisachan bred together his two rare dogs, Wavy Coated Retriever x Tweed Water Spaniel (both now extinct).

Care and Health

They have beautiful coats, but they do require lots of care. You'll need to brush them several times per week and bathe them 1-2 times per month, depending on if they swim or play outside a lot. Hip dysplasia, eye conditions, and some heart diseases are common in the breed. The Canine Health Information Center advises that Golden Retrievers should be evaluated for hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. The English Cream's medium-length coat should be groomed weekly because they shed regularly. When they shed their thick coats heavily once or twice a year, brushing daily will help.

Fun Fact

They are mouthy and tend to carry something around everywhere they go, such as sticks, toys, clothing, or whatever else isn’t tied down.

Good For

Companionship and hunting


Sweet, loving, they make great family pets.


Size large, medium Fur, sheds medium, medium energy.

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