Golden Retriever Mix
Golden Retriever Mix
Golden Retriever Mix


The Golden Retrievers’ origin begins in Scotland when Lord Tweedmouth (yes, seriously) started breeding this gundog in the 1840s. Goldens were called Yellow Retrievers and were a cross between a yellow wavy-coated retriever and a Tweed Water Spaniel, with a few Bloodhounds and Irish Setters thrown in down the line.

Care and Health

They are are known to suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia, skin allergies and infections due to fleas, food or environmental allergens like pollen, ear infections, underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism, cataracts, or cloudiness in the eye lens, are known to be a genetic problem. Golden Retrievers shed moderate amounts of their thick double coats all year round, and twice a year they shed heavily. To reduce shedding, Golden Retriever grooming consists of brushing several times a week, and daily during the heavy shedding times. Using a product like the Furminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush can reduce shedding. Bathing, unless the dog is heavily soiled, is not recommended more than once a month, and shaving a Golden Retriever is not recommended.

Fun Fact

The first Golden Retriever shown in a dog ring was a British dog in 1908.

Good For

They are very versatile. They’re known as bird dogs, family pets, service dogs for the disabled, and search and rescue dogs.


Even-tempered, intelligent and affectionate, playful, gentle.


Size medium, medium Fur, sheds a lot, high energy.

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