Malamute Mix
Malamute Mix
Malamute Mix


Although it is believed that the first dogs arrived in the Americas 12,000 years ago, people and their dogs did not settle in the Arctic until the Paleo-Eskimo people 4,500 years ago, followed by the Thule people 1,000 years ago, with both originating from Siberia. Malamutes were thought to be bred by the Malemiut Inupiaq people of Alaska's Norton Sound region

Care and Health

The most commonly reported health problems of Malamutes, in the 2004 UK Kennel Club survey (based on a sample size of 64 dogs) were musculoskeletal (hip dysplasia), and hereditary cataracts.

Fun Fact

The Malamute is the biggest of all Nordic Sledge Dogs

Good For

Best suited for active families


affectionate, loyal, and playful


Size large, medium Fur, sheds medium, high energy.

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