The Neapolitan Mastiff derives from the traditional catch and guard dogs of central Italy. Selection of the breed was begun in 1947 by Piero Scanziani, who had seen one at an exhibition in Naples in 1946

Care and Health

Regular nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing will also enhance your Neapolitan mastiff’s overall health and wellbeing. And do not forget to keep a slobber rag handy. The Neopolitan mastiff is susceptible to several ailments such as Bloat, arthritis, hip dysplasia

Fun Fact

Neapolitan Mastiffs have amazing protective instincts and they can keep their loved ones safe from various kinds of external threats and harms.

Good For

Family pet, guard dog


Protective, Dominant, Fearless, Obedient, Stubborn, Trainable, Loyal, Dignified, Watchful


Size large, short Fur, sheds medium, medium energy.

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