Miniature Bulldog Mix
Miniature Bulldog Mix
Miniature Bulldog Mix


The English Bulldog was first mentioned as a breed in 1631 in England where they were used for the sport of Bullbaiting.

Care and Health

Toy bulldogs do not need much care and love being indoors along with afternoon naps. Skin Issues – Excess skin with lots of folds is not only a risk factor for overheating but also can cause sensitive skin which may become irritable. A Mini Bulldog should be monitored for excessive itching and irritability

Fun Fact

They are Born via Caesarean Section. Since bulldogs have large heads about 80% are delivered by Caesarean section.

Good For

Family pet


Active, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Playful


Size medium, short Fur, sheds minimal, medium energy.

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